3Pcs Baby Boy Clothes Mommy’s New Man Print Bodysuit




♫Size Chart
◆Color White#2

✿Age:70(0-6 months)
top Length: :37 cm/14.57 inch
Bust*2:25 cm/9.84 inch
Sleeve Length: 22 cm/8.66 inch
Pant Length:38 cm/14.96 inch
Waist Length*2:20 cm/7.87 inch

✿Age:80(6-12 months)
top Length: : 38 cm/14.96 inch
Bust*2:26 cm/10.24 inch
Sleeve Length: 23 cm/9.06 inch
Pant Length:41 cm/16.14 inch
Waist Length*2:21 cm/8.27 inch

✿Age:90(12-18 months)
top Length: :40 cm/15.75 inch
Bust*2:27 cm/10.63 inch
Sleeve Length: 24 cm/9.45 inch
Pant Length:43 cm/16.93 inch
Waist Length*2:22 cm/8.66 inch

✿Age:100(18-24 months)
top Length: :41 cm/16.14 inch
Bust*2:28 cm/11.02 inch
Sleeve Length: 25 cm/9.84 inch
Pant Length:45 cm/17.72 inch
Waist Length*2:23 cm/9.05 inch

◆Color White#1

★Age:(0-6 Months)
top Length: :35 cm/13.77 inch
Bust*2:23 cm/14.56 inch
Pant Length:37 cm/14.56 inch

★Age:(6-12 Months)
top Length: :37 cm/14.56 inch
Bust*2:24 cm/9.44 inch
Pant Length:40 cm/15.74 inch

★Age:(12-18 Months)
top Length: :40 cm/15.74 inch
Bust*2:25 cm/9.84 inch
Pant Length:42 cm/16.53 inch

★Age:(18-24 Months)
top Length: :42 cm/16.53 inch
Bust*2:26 cm/10.27 inch
Pant Length:44 cm/17.32 inch

Package included::Color White:1PC Tops+1PC Pants ,Color White#1&2:1PC Tops+1PC Pants +1PC Cap Cap


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