Would you pay £10,000 for these 18-karat gold shoes with 68 diamonds encrusted in the soles?

Shoes tie an outfit together – but how much would you be willing to pay for them?

If you’re a bit of a baller then maybe you don’t mind forking out a couple of hundred pounds but would you draw the line at £10,000?

That’s the hefty price tag of these dapper men’s brogues which the creators say will last you your entire lifetime.

Before you close the browser and head off to the high street for some considerably cheaper shoes, you should know that these fancy ones come with 68 diamonds and 18 karat gold tips.

So you get what you pay for.

A designer has unveiled what could be Britain

(Picture: The House of Borgezie / SWNS)

The Empire Diamond Brogues are the work of Chris Shellis, who has previously sold items to everyone’s fave icon Beyonce and has taken him a year to create it.

The elite footwear is offered by the House of Borgezie, a company based in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

Encrusted with 68 diamonds in their soles, 18 karat gold tips on the shoelaces and insoles as well as a Birmingham stamped hallmark in gold, they are said to be one of the most expensive pair of men’s shoes.

The brogues also feature an ancient technology dating back 2,000 from when Roman soldiers strengthened their sandals with bronze support in the case.

Master craftsman Chris has also done the but using gold and is offering the shoes in a variety of colours – black, royal blue, red or racing green.

‘I’ve always had a passion for shoes ever since I was young, I’ve always looked after my shoes and brogues were a particular passion,’ said Chris.

‘These shoes enable the owner to walk on solid gold. If they are looked after properly they can last a lifetime.

‘The metal also has antibacterial and properties which offer possibly anti-rheumatic benefits.

A designer has unveiled what could be Britain

(Picture: The House of Borgezie / SWNS)

‘We’ve got a number of high paying clients who have already made enquiries about them.

‘To be honest, ten grand sounds quite a lot but most people in their lifetime spend between £20,000 and £30,000 in shoes.

‘It’s true when they say that most men judge each other by the shoes they wear.

‘I think until recently it has been something that’s been neglected in a man’s wardrobe but nowadays men are paying more attention to themselves and their appearance.’

Do you want to pay that much attention to your shoes?

Todd Williams

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